Move or Die!
Ready, set, go! Your job as an exterminator will be put to the test. An alien bug infestation has begun and it's up to you to exterminate them all. 

Fly your way around and destroy as many as you can. But be careful, stop once and your dead. Move or Die! is a fast action shooter that will keep you on your toes. It's a fast pace game so you need to be faster.

Stay on top of the leaderboard by getting a high score. 1 kill equals 1 point. Will you stay on top? 

Dora and Friends Educational Video Game
 Join Dora and Friends as they shrink to a tiny size to return an enchanted ring. Race on mouse-back with a friend, run, twirl and use mathematics skills on an adventure back in time.

Publisher: LeapFrog

Ultimate Spider-man
Run, jump, wall crawl, sling webs and unleash reading skills to restore order to New York. Take on Doc Ock, Rhino, Electro and more in 6 exciting missions, each with 6 stages that blend classic Spidey action with active play.

Publisher:  LeapFrog